Cronomatopeia // Chronomatopoeia, 2015
Aguarela, tinta da china e grafite s/ papel
Watercolour, indian ink and graphite on paper
22,5 x 26,5 cm


Discursar é um Cabo das Tormentas

The torments of speaking before an audience, 2015

1. Trying to look relaxed in front of the audience.
2. My turn to speak is coming up...
3. The microphone reveals its real face!!
4. I smile but almost lose my senses. Regardless of the planned speech, I say everything in 30 seconds, abruptly.
5. In the end, I feel like I've been crushed by a pontoon block (with the right to memory loss). The recovery will be slow.


Ça C'est Ma Rivière

Recentemente, tive o prazer de ilustrar um "belo naco de prosa" do Fernando Cabrita. O resultado é um livro
cheio de personalidade, editado pela CanalSonora. Para já, as encomendas podem ser feitas através da
página da editora no Facebook ou através do e-mail do editor.

Recently, I had the pleasure of illustrating the writings of Fernando Cabrita. The result is a book full of
personality, edited by CanalSonora. For now, orders can be made through the publisher's Facebook page or
by contacting the editor via e-mail.



▲▲ Bigodes ao alto ▲▲

Isto é um detalhe… um pequeno vislumbre do trabalho que ando a fazer!
This is a detail… a small glimpse of what I've been working on!


It's Mel(r)o talking!

I made this little illustration for a very special business card. 
A lovely drawing for a lovely person!